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     This website features my books of poetry and also occasionally updated selections of poems I’ve written.

     Five of the PDF poetry books available here may be downloaded and read for free and four are for sale. The detail pages of poetry books that are for sale have links to sample copies of the book that may be freely downloaded and viewed. Complete PDF editions may be purchased by emailing or texting me or by using the yellow PayPal “Buy Now” buttons you will see below the book’s cover image and title on this page and others showing sets of books, and also on the book’s detail page. Thank you.  read more



     To make this website easier to use, the poetry banner link at the top of each page and the green “writing poetry” link at the bottom of each page will always take you one level up, e.g. from the books page back to home or from a specific book’s detail page back to the main books page or from a specific poem back to its gallery. The two top level pages, home and about, link to each other.

     Books – clicking or tapping a book’s cover image will take you to the book’s detail page. When you’re on a book detail page, clicking or tapping on the image of the book’s cover will take you to the book’s PDF or, if the book is for sale, to a sample PDF showing the book’s table of contents and several complete poems.

     Poems – individual poems will be organized as lists on “gallery” pages. Clicking or tapping on a poem’s name will take you to that poem’s page and clicking or tapping on the poem will take you back to its gallery.

     As an amusement, at the bottom of the page you’ll see a link to the image I'm using as my background. The image is stretchable when displayed in big screen “windows” that can be resized, and zoomable on touch screen tablets and phones. The image familiar faces is from a study using a small number of lines and four colors. Click or tap home in the top left corner to return to the home screen.





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