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by Bill Eberle





     I live in Midcoast Maine and work creatively in solo and online collaborative sessions from my home office.

My personal business is wceDesign, a Maine LLC umbrella company for ideartisan, wcePublishing, and for my poetry books (this website). I am also a partner at Future Pastimes LLC, a board, card, dice and digital game design company.

If I'm in a work session when you call, please leave me a message or text me so I can call or text you back. Thank you.  read more




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Bill Eberle

wceDesign llc




  • poet and artist
  • creative design consultant
  • domain consultant; website developer and hosting manager
  • spreadsheet and database designer; writer, editor, and online PDF book publisher



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207 701‑9001




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creative idea consultant

    idea catalyst and consultant

website hosting and development,
and other technical services

    affordable website hosting and development, image and graphic work, book design and editing, PDF publishing, and database and spreadsheet design and development


game and educational
product design

    board, card, dice, and digital game design; entertainment and educational product design and modeling





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